Why Is Black Label Krill Oil™ A Blend?

You’re interested in Krill Oil as an Omega-3 supplement, maybe because you’ve heard it’s more powerful than fish oil. This is because of the chemical structure of the fats in krill (which are phospholipids) are different than those in fish (which are triglycerides).

But is that the WHOLE story?

Krill Oil’s Secret Weakness

The first thing you need to know about krill oil is that it contains a certain kind of fatty acid called a phospholipid. These fatty acids are the exact same chemical structure as the walls of YOUR cells. This makes the Omega-3’s in krill oil (and all the other beneficial ingredients) more powerful in your body. Because unlike fish oil, it gets into the cells that need it most.

Phospholipids are the secret to krill oil’s power. So if you’re looking at a krill oil supplement that has anything less than 40% phospholipids per serving, it’s not worth your time and money.

But the second thing you need to know about krill oil is that not ALL of the fatty acids it contains are phospholipids. Just like any other creature, krill have some high-quality fats like phospholipids, and some lower quality ones that are similar to, and even weaker than, what’s in fish oil. In other words, they’re pretty worthless.

So even if you do get a krill oil with the right amount of phospholipids, it’s still got some weaknesses.

All krill oils currently on the market contain (besides their phospholipid content) approximately 50-55% triglycerides. The fatty acid profile of these krill oil triglycerides closely resembles fish oil triglycerides with relatively low omega-3 levels, such as salmon oil.

Combining The Best Of Both Worlds

Black Label Krill Oil™ was created to replace the lower quality krill oil triglycerides with higher quality omega-3 concentrates, while at the same time ensuring that all phospholipids, the key ingredient in krill oil, remain 100% derived from Euphausia superba.

Black Label Krill Oil™ contains at least 42% Antarctic krill oil phospholipids with bonded krill omega-3, and at least 25% combined EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid). More than half of the EPA and DHA come from krill, and most of these omega-3 fatty acids are bonded to the krill phospholipids.

The added esterified astaxanthin is extracted from the Haematococcus pluvialis algae.

What Percentage Is Krill vs. Fish?

As you can see, its not that Black Label Krill Oil™ contains a certain amount of krill oil blended with a certain amount of fish oil. Individual fatty acids are removed and replaced… so technically ALL the oil comes from krill.. but some of the individual molecules come from fish.

The result is a more powerful krill oil supplement. One that delivers more results than the standard krill oil with its inherent weaknesses.

This, plus the addition of extra astaxanthin, is why Black Label Krill Oil™ is a blend. But we believe this is also what makes it a far superior product, which is why we recommend it.


??? Where To Get It ???

More and more retailers carry Black Label Krill Oil™ every day. You can find several of them by searching Google, and we’ve listed a few of our favorites below.

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2. Amazon.com — perhaps the largest retailer online. Is there anything they don’t sell?

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