Omega 3’s May Just Be The Key To The Fountain

fountain of youth

The ripe, lush green of the forest surrounded the explorers from all sides. Birds chirped in the distance and magical rays of sunshine protruded through the dense treetops above, seemingly leading the group down the overgrown trail. The front man, Sir Alexander Dewight, signaled the others to follow, seeing a break in the brush up ahead. In one hand he carried a map so old, the slightest breeze could make it crumble and in the other, his trusty shotgun for protection. As beautiful as the forest seemed, dangers could be lurking around any bend.

“According to the map,” he said, his thick British accent instantly noticeable, “we are right on top of it.” He swiveled his head side to side, looking for any sign of an entrance to a hidden lair. “It has to be around here somewhere!”

“Sir Dewight, what if this whole thing is a ruse? You know, people have been searching for this place for a thousand years.” The voice was unmistakable. It was Henry, the young apprentice the university had made Dewight take along on the expedition.

His face lost all emotion and became as serious as a heart attack. As Dewight turned around, lifting his face so the brim of his hat wasn’t covering his dark and serious eyes, he focused on Henry.

“My dear boy, not finding something isn’t the same thing as it not existing. Just ask the scientists who invented penicillin or the Wright Brothers when they gave us the gift of flight. It is near us. Make no mistake. I feel it. Soon you will feel it too and we will give the world everlasting life. The Fountain of Youth is real, Henry-,” as Dewight spoke, his eyes grew wider and wider, “and your standing on it!”

Every day, a small fear deep inside my soul grows a little louder, a little stronger. Each minute that ticks by, we know is a minute closer to our own end. Its the great tragedy of being mortal. Researchers have been digging for anything that will extend life as we know it and up the quality as well. They may have stumbled upon a big piece of the puzzle.

Cellular aging is the culprit. Omega-3’s have shown they may be the answer. Researchers at the University of Southern Australia conducted a study with 33 adults to see what affects omega-3’s had on the process. One group took the supplement for six months, the other did not. Their results were very encouraging, showing there may be a very big link between ingesting omega-3’s and slowing the cellular aging process.

Another HUGE sign that the omega 3’s were the good guys, comes from a study down by the Division of Cardiology at San Francisco General Hospital, which attempted to look at the fatty acids in relation to heart disease.   Patients who took omega 3’s over the next five years (after developing the disease) were in better shape then those who didn’t. While the study admits, they don’t yet understand the link (they guessed omega-3’s slowed a process called telomeric aging) they firmly believed the fatty acid was linked to better overall heart health.

We all want our Fountain of Youth. We are ALL afraid on some level of getting to the “end of the road.” But nature has a funny way of giving us clues (and the tools) to extend our life spans. Omega 3’s may just be the water from the fountain.

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