More Reasons Why Krill Oil Rocks (As If There Weren’t Enough Already)


Ginny put down the screwdriver and stepped back to look at the car she had just finished restoring, a 1965 Chevy.  When she had purchased the old rust bucket from a junkyard outside of town, the man behind the counter had tried to talk her out of it.

 “Its for spare part,” he had said, “she’s too far gone to be restored.”

 Now, after a few intense months in the garage late at night, the young mechanic had done what other thought impossible. The paint job was glistening in the dim light of her workbench.  The car’s curves oozed sexy and ready to go. Ginny had looked everywhere, from junk yards to online sites, for each part she needed.

 The journey was complete. Ginny snatched the keys up from the counter and opened the big, metal door, sliding into the leather seat as if it was built just for her. She turned the key and smiled as the engine turned over like it had all those years ago. The marvel in the machine was all those moving parts, all that steel. All it needed was someone to come along and love it right back. Ginny had been that person and now, as she pulled the lever down to bring it into drive, she had her very own, mint condition 1965 Chevy.

It seems like every day there are more and more reasons why Black Label Krill Oil is fast becoming the preferred choice for pumping up an awesome supplement regime. Krill oil is basically shell fish oil (so if your allergic to shell fish, DO NOT TAKE IT). Disclaimer finished. Okay, here are some awesome researched benefits of this stuff.

  • Antioxidants Galore! – We hear all the time about how antioxidants are the miracle that keep on protecting our bodies from all sorts of nasty stuff like free radicals (think radiation). Krill oil has a particular type called astaxanthin (say that three times fast) and this type could potentially be one of the most power antioxidants out there. Check out this fact sheet.
  • No, Omega-3 is not an alien planet. Yes, it is a spectacular form of fat! – Fish oil contains great amounts of omega-3’s and that’s great but sometimes the type of omega-3’s that are in it are tougher on our bodies to use. Not so with Krill oil. Phospholipids are the word of the day. Krill is loaded with it. Your body loves it. Moving on!
  • Help your blood flow better and give your heart a break! – Krill has been shown to help combat bad cholesterol and those nasty triglycerides that your heart (and mine) hate. Why not show some love for your heart? Because the day it stops loving you ain’t gonna be a good day. CNN recently did an article on the benefits of Krill oil and their experts agree. Krill loves your heart! 
  • Relive the “Glory Days” (thank you Bruce Springsteen) and help your body fight inflammation – We aren’t pitching anymore for the state title or throwing four touchdowns in a single high school football game (kudos if anyone gets that reference) but we still want to live happy, active lives, right? Well arthritis sucks. It hurts like hell. Krill oil (and fish oil for that matter) have been shown to combat this pain hard.
  • Who doesn’t want to be smarter? – Okay so, heart, joints, blood cells. The brain too? Yup, Krill oil will nurture the other favorite organ in our bodies, our brains.  With scary illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia looming for us in our silver years, fight back. Along with a steady diet of “brain” exercise like reading, Krill oil’s easily digested Omega-3’s support our brains. 

These aren’t even all the reasons why Krill oil rocks! You are worth it. Take care of yourself. Love your body like your body loves you and that relationship will last for a very long time!

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