I See Therefore I am: Omega 3’s and AMD


There was no getting around it. Francine was nervous.  She had studied day in and day out for that test. Instead of going out with her friends on Friday night, she studied. When her mom wanted to go shopping for some holiday decorations, she studied.  As the phone rang and it was the boy she was waiting forever to call her and ask her out, she studied.

Now, as she handed in the paper to the professor, her hands were visibly shaking.  Her whole life depended on this test.  If Francine aced this class, the degree she had worked so hard for was hers. If she failed, it was back for another year. She didn’t know if she could stomach that.

“Thank you, Francine. I will email you your grade in a few hours, okay?” The professor looked up at her with a polite smile.

No, you jerk, you can grade it now! The thoughts screamed through her head.

“That would be great, Professor Mackey. Thanks.” Her tiny feet scampered from the classroom, leaving behind the remaining students to finish out heir exams.  Now came the worst part. The wait.

Francine raced home, and as she bolted through the front door, she didn’t even pause to say hi to her dad, who was staring curiously at the dishwasher in the kitchen.  He lifted up his finger, as if to say something, no doubt accusing her or her brother of overloading the thing, decided against it and closed his mouth.

She made her way to her room, swung open the door and landed face first on her bed.  The cool, cold pillow felt like heaven against her face.  It was a bit of peace in an otherwise stressful day.

Suddenly her cell phone was ringing. The caller id said it was from the school. Oh my God, she thought. I failed. That’s it. I’m done. I’m never moving out. I’ll be picking out Christmas sweaters with my mom for the rest of my life.

“Hello, Francine?” It was her professor. Why was he calling?

“Yes? Hello, Professor Mackey.”

“Listen, I know I said I was going to email but this deserved a call. Your my first student ever to get a one hundred on the exam. Congratulations!”

Francine’s cell phone hit the floor as she fainted, landing next to it.

“Hello? Hello? Francine? Are you still there?”

 Omega 3’s pass the test

There is no concrete treatment. There is no definitive cure. It is painful and scary. 40% of Americans over the age of seventy have some form of it. Its Macular Degeneration or AMD for short.  And its responsible for restricting the lives of so many people, forcing them to give up driving and other freedoms they had enjoyed for so many years.

That’s why this is absolutely incredible.  A new study by the Ophthalmos Research and Education Institute in Cyprus has blown the doors wide open on what is possible with Omega-3’s when it comes to AMD.

Try this on for size – 100% of the people suffering with AMD in their clinical trials reported significant improvements in eye sight when supplementing high doses of the fatty acid. Perfect score! Within five months, every single one of the subjects acute vision scores had improved.

This is the exact opposite of other studies done with the supplement and AMD.

“We Hypothesize the reason that our open label experiments with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of dry AMD was successful is a consequence of both (a) the increased dosage and (b) the higher levels of EPA delivered with our omega-3 fatty acid formulation,” said Researcher Tassos Georgiou in response to the difference in studies.

If that wasn’t enough, Researcher Elaine W-T Chong and her team of vision specialists compiled nine massive studies and analyzed the data on omega-3’s and AMD.  They found, across the board, that there was a roughly 38% less chance of developing the disease when omega-3’s and fish were consumed at least twice a week.  88,974 people in total were studied. All had similar dietary patterns of seafood and supplements.

Every time we turn around, omega-3’s are adding to their list of amazing health benefits. Perfect scores are hard to come by and rare in the health field, especially. This time omega 3’s aced the exam.

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